USCGC Bristol Bay Pier

PDSI was selected as the General Contractor for the Repair and Refurbishment of the USCGC Bristol Bay Pier in Detroit, MI. This project consisted of three separate steeps in completing the contracted work. First was to test / inspect the existing pier for the structural integrity of the concrete deck, establish the total impacted area of surface concrete and concrete beam removal. Once established then remove and replace all impacted areas with new rebar, decking, and formed concrete. The second portion of the project was to remove existing wood pilings that had failed or were no longer associated with the support of the pier. The third and final step was to cut openings in the pier and install 35 – 124’-0” concrete piles, and connect them to the pier deck by building, forming and pouring new concrete beams. In addition to the structural work we replaced the electrical and data lines that serviced the Pier. This work was completed in a confined space. A majority of the project required us to build working platforms over the water as well as working in tight confined spaces. The project was completed per the final approved schedule and there were NO recordable injuries associated with this project.